Hector’s back

i would first like to apologize for skipping my assignment and not posting last week. i seriously feel like i failed in a homework assignment but i was busy. My parents came into town to visit there baby boy and then it was Halloween week. I had to get my costume together. If any of you guys were out on Friday Night and saw Mr. T out, that was me. I pulled it off pretty well id have to say. But anyways Halloween was a blast, great times in Old Town Scottsdale. If any of you have been following the AFL you would see that the Desert Dogs themselves are holding their own and in first place. I will say again and again this is the coolest team i have been a part of and its been a blast to be part of this team. So many different characters and everybody is a quality ball player. I couldnt ask for any other team. its been great. As for the comment left about the downtime between batting practice and the game people do different stuff, like watch t.v., listen to there ipods, hang out, but I myself like to play cards and win at cards. The game we usually play is called “I win” because usually i honestly win. But id like to aplogize again for the failure of not posting and apologize for keeping this short but i dont have much to say and most importantly Monday Night Football is about to start. so everybody enjoy the game and talk to you all next week

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  1. 29hooligan@gmail.com

    I’ll be off to Arizona for my 6th straight year. I’m very disappointed however that they have all but discontinued night games after Nov 1st. Where I would see a game every night, this year I’ll be down to just 2 ganes. Since night game attendance is MUCH better than day games, I’m as suprised as disappointed.

    If anyone is out there…………..Please fix the schedule.

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