I didnt know Rusty was stealing my Blog

Well nobody told me that Rusty Ryal would write on my blog. Now my blog is not was it used to be, thanks Rusty. Just kidding, I hope all of you didnt think was as boring as he came out. He did an ok job, but doesnt compare to what i have been doing. But good to hear from you D. Ortiz its been a while. Its pretty cool that this blog is putting me in contact with some old teammates. Hope all is well with u bro!!! Ok gonna keep this blog kinda short since Rusty’s blog probably made all of you guys sleepy. Hahaha. ok enough with the low blows on Rusty and since I have been pretty harsh on him I’d like to congratulate him on making the all-star game being played on friday. I however didnt make it, shoot! But its all good ill try to keep my head up. But Congrats too all who made it especially my bullpen mates, Rob Delaney and Anthony Slama. You rising stars better make the Dogs bullpen look good.

Ok time for some Baseball, not really going to get in too deep on this subject becuase there are 29 other blogs about the fall league but this league is pretty cool. Ive now played against every orginization in baseball which is pretty cool, and have met a lot of guys. So far the experience has been great and hope its keeps getting better. Sorry for keeping this blog short but Monday Night Football is on and I love watching football. Anyways wish my luck in in fantasy football next week because I play the boring blogger Rusty Ryal, oh and go ahead and wish me luck in ball. Peace 

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  1. hairyazfan

    Mr. Ambriz, I was glad to have come across your blog about being in the Az Fall League. I got a chance to see your team at the PHX Muni during the first week of play! I live so close to the park that it’s crazy not to attend a game there! By the way, I usual go to several of the A’s spring training games in the spring! I was pretty glad to see how well the players were doing! The game went well, but lost a close game! You have not included in your latest blog on what you guys have been doing in Scottsdale while camping out during this month! Just being curious as to what players, such as yourselves, do during the off-time between games! Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing you in the big leagues in the near future! Go Diamondbacks!!!!!

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