Rusty Ryal’s AFL Experience

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  Hey everybody, Rusty here giving you a little update on my AFL
experience. I will admit that this is my first “blog” of any kind, so
I’m a little skeptical how this is gonna turn out. So far the Desert
Dogs are 5-6 and we have had some very close losses and some very
exciting come from behind wins. As I expected the competition is at a
very high level and each team is loaded with talent.  I will admit
having a month off and coming out here facing very good pitching has
been pretty tough and humbling.  I want to compliment our staff so far
on the job they have done with the team and all the help to getting us
to our ultimate goal, the big leagues.

   I can honestly say
that seeing my name on a MLB uniform for the first time was a little
overwhelming, but it also made me realize that all the hard work I have
put forth is all starting to pay off. This experience as a whole has
also helped me realize how awesome it really is to have an oppurtunity
not many people will ever get the chance to live.  Teams comprised of
organization’s top prospects and playing in front of several front
office decision makers is a priveledge in itself.  Although I have had
a rough start through the first two weeks I know what adjustments I
need to work and continue striving toward some positive consistency.  I
like our team chemistry so far, which is kind of a unusual when you put
a group of guys together that haven’t played  together much, if at all.
The pranksters are definitely starting to surface and I have to admit I
have already been victimized of “eye-blacking of the hat.” Those of you
involved will be payed back.

  Well, I hope I have given
everyone a decent entry this time around.  I hope to see some good
support in this next week for the Desert Dogs. We appreciate the
support we have got so far and hope everybody has a great weekend.

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  1. 980s

    Hey Rusty, I’ve been to a few Desert Dogs games this year, and noticed you are from Ponca City, OK, my hometown also. I haven’t lived there in years, but still have relatives and visit there. I’ve been in Phoenix for 30 years, but still remember my roots. Thanks for doing Ponca proud, and good luck in your career. It’ll be nice to follow your progress!

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