To my surprise people are actually reading these blogs. I was really caught off guard by the text messages and phone calls by those who actually read my blog. I actually got a comment to pick it up, so heres my effort in trying to pick it up. Our first week of games was ok, not great but ok. We had some good wins and some losses and yes I did lose a game. Not a good start, but look at the bright side I can only get better. I have to think positive. Anyways since im a pitcher and it’s the first time that im a bullpen pitcher I have a lot of down time and ive gotten to know my teammates and they all are pretty cool. Life in the bullpen to my surprise is not that boring when you got guys like the group of guys we have. Ive heard lots of stories, and yes stories I cant post on this blog. “What happens in the bullpen, stays in the bullpen.”

I actually saw somebody left a comment, so thanks for that and yes Chase field is A WHOLE LOT BETTER than Visalia, oh and yes first weekend in Scottsdale and Scottsdale is a blast. Lots of things to do, im gonna guess theres never a dull night in Scottsdale. Anyways if you’re gonna watch MNF tomorrow night lets root for Brandon Jacobs and that Giants Defense and hope that Braylon Edwards and Plaxico Burress get shut down. I have 2 Fantasy football teams and I can finish 2-0 this week. Oh and it would help if Kellen Winslow plays tomorrow, i have him on both my teams. So Suck it up Kellen, i thought you were “Soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  1. lilbaseballfan44

    Hola Hector! I hope things are going well for you during the AFL, you seem to be enjoying the area and interacting with your teammates. I had to laugh about your blurb of how you gentlemen share personal stories in the bullpen, its good to keep things interesting. I was sorry to hear you received a loss but your optimism is great and you can definitely work and improve. From what I understood you are adjusting to the bullpen, how has your preparation changed and what kinds of things are you working on? I enjoyed reading your blogs and wish you the best. I’d like to hear a little more about how you spend your time off the field as well if you aren’t too tight-lipped to share that…haha.

    Good luck with your fantasy football teams

  2. dortiz@sourcerefrigeration.com

    What up Hector looks like your doing well for yourself. Good luck in the AFL, you hear boaty got married? Well anyways i will be watching out for you bro. Take care
    D. Ortiz #8 2001 Western Regional Champ O.C. Renegades

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