Week 1

My name is Hector Ambriz and im currently playing in the Arizona Fall League for the Phoenix Desert Dogs. This is my first fall league opportunity and am very excited to participate in this prospect filled league. I arrived into Phoenix on October 1st and yes it is as hot as everybody says, but i have heard that it should be cooling down here in the next couple weeks. My roommate (John Hester) and I have a really cool set up in Old Town Scottsdale, just minutes from our home field Phoenix Municipal Staduim. So far its been a really cool town, lots of restaurants and shops. Im sure we will find a lot more to do in Scottsdale because i have heard that there is a lot to do in this town. I might just keep you updated on how that goes.

As for baseball we have just been doing some light workouts, just getting back into baseball shape and meeting all the guys. Its somewhat like an allstar team because there are five organizations all playing on one team, and top prospects from each organization. These organizations include the Minnesota Twins, Toronto Bluejays, Oakland Athletics, Colorodo Rockies and my organization The Arizona Diamondbacks. Im still in the process of remembering everybody’s name and hopefully i get it down by the end of the season. Our coaching staff includes all of these organizations as well and im pretty excited to work with all of our coaches. The season kicks off on Tuesday so lets go Dogs.


One comment

  1. districtboy

    Hi Hector, it’s good to see you blogging about the exciting AFL. I hope you experience success in this league, as well as in Reno and Arizona next year. I’m sure you will check out Chase Field at some point this fall (if you haven’t already). It’s quite a ballpark! Almost the opposite of most minor league (especially Visalia). I hope you continue blogging, and go Desert Dogs!


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