Hector’s back

i would first like to apologize for skipping my assignment and not posting last week. i seriously feel like i failed in a homework assignment but i was busy. My parents came into town to visit there baby boy and then it was Halloween week. I had to get my costume together. If any of you guys were out on Friday Night and saw Mr. T out, that was me. I pulled it off pretty well id have to say. But anyways Halloween was a blast, great times in Old Town Scottsdale. If any of you have been following the AFL you would see that the Desert Dogs themselves are holding their own and in first place. I will say again and again this is the coolest team i have been a part of and its been a blast to be part of this team. So many different characters and everybody is a quality ball player. I couldnt ask for any other team. its been great. As for the comment left about the downtime between batting practice and the game people do different stuff, like watch t.v., listen to there ipods, hang out, but I myself like to play cards and win at cards. The game we usually play is called “I win” because usually i honestly win. But id like to aplogize again for the failure of not posting and apologize for keeping this short but i dont have much to say and most importantly Monday Night Football is about to start. so everybody enjoy the game and talk to you all next week

I didnt know Rusty was stealing my Blog

Well nobody told me that Rusty Ryal would write on my blog. Now my blog is not was it used to be, thanks Rusty. Just kidding, I hope all of you didnt think was as boring as he came out. He did an ok job, but doesnt compare to what i have been doing. But good to hear from you D. Ortiz its been a while. Its pretty cool that this blog is putting me in contact with some old teammates. Hope all is well with u bro!!! Ok gonna keep this blog kinda short since Rusty’s blog probably made all of you guys sleepy. Hahaha. ok enough with the low blows on Rusty and since I have been pretty harsh on him I’d like to congratulate him on making the all-star game being played on friday. I however didnt make it, shoot! But its all good ill try to keep my head up. But Congrats too all who made it especially my bullpen mates, Rob Delaney and Anthony Slama. You rising stars better make the Dogs bullpen look good.

Ok time for some Baseball, not really going to get in too deep on this subject becuase there are 29 other blogs about the fall league but this league is pretty cool. Ive now played against every orginization in baseball which is pretty cool, and have met a lot of guys. So far the experience has been great and hope its keeps getting better. Sorry for keeping this blog short but Monday Night Football is on and I love watching football. Anyways wish my luck in in fantasy football next week because I play the boring blogger Rusty Ryal, oh and go ahead and wish me luck in ball. Peace 

Rusty Ryal’s AFL Experience

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  Hey everybody, Rusty here giving you a little update on my AFL
experience. I will admit that this is my first “blog” of any kind, so
I’m a little skeptical how this is gonna turn out. So far the Desert
Dogs are 5-6 and we have had some very close losses and some very
exciting come from behind wins. As I expected the competition is at a
very high level and each team is loaded with talent.  I will admit
having a month off and coming out here facing very good pitching has
been pretty tough and humbling.  I want to compliment our staff so far
on the job they have done with the team and all the help to getting us
to our ultimate goal, the big leagues.

   I can honestly say
that seeing my name on a MLB uniform for the first time was a little
overwhelming, but it also made me realize that all the hard work I have
put forth is all starting to pay off. This experience as a whole has
also helped me realize how awesome it really is to have an oppurtunity
not many people will ever get the chance to live.  Teams comprised of
organization’s top prospects and playing in front of several front
office decision makers is a priveledge in itself.  Although I have had
a rough start through the first two weeks I know what adjustments I
need to work and continue striving toward some positive consistency.  I
like our team chemistry so far, which is kind of a unusual when you put
a group of guys together that haven’t played  together much, if at all.
The pranksters are definitely starting to surface and I have to admit I
have already been victimized of “eye-blacking of the hat.” Those of you
involved will be payed back.

  Well, I hope I have given
everyone a decent entry this time around.  I hope to see some good
support in this next week for the Desert Dogs. We appreciate the
support we have got so far and hope everybody has a great weekend.


To my surprise people are actually reading these blogs. I was really caught off guard by the text messages and phone calls by those who actually read my blog. I actually got a comment to pick it up, so heres my effort in trying to pick it up. Our first week of games was ok, not great but ok. We had some good wins and some losses and yes I did lose a game. Not a good start, but look at the bright side I can only get better. I have to think positive. Anyways since im a pitcher and it’s the first time that im a bullpen pitcher I have a lot of down time and ive gotten to know my teammates and they all are pretty cool. Life in the bullpen to my surprise is not that boring when you got guys like the group of guys we have. Ive heard lots of stories, and yes stories I cant post on this blog. “What happens in the bullpen, stays in the bullpen.”

I actually saw somebody left a comment, so thanks for that and yes Chase field is A WHOLE LOT BETTER than Visalia, oh and yes first weekend in Scottsdale and Scottsdale is a blast. Lots of things to do, im gonna guess theres never a dull night in Scottsdale. Anyways if you’re gonna watch MNF tomorrow night lets root for Brandon Jacobs and that Giants Defense and hope that Braylon Edwards and Plaxico Burress get shut down. I have 2 Fantasy football teams and I can finish 2-0 this week. Oh and it would help if Kellen Winslow plays tomorrow, i have him on both my teams. So Suck it up Kellen, i thought you were “Soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Week 1

My name is Hector Ambriz and im currently playing in the Arizona Fall League for the Phoenix Desert Dogs. This is my first fall league opportunity and am very excited to participate in this prospect filled league. I arrived into Phoenix on October 1st and yes it is as hot as everybody says, but i have heard that it should be cooling down here in the next couple weeks. My roommate (John Hester) and I have a really cool set up in Old Town Scottsdale, just minutes from our home field Phoenix Municipal Staduim. So far its been a really cool town, lots of restaurants and shops. Im sure we will find a lot more to do in Scottsdale because i have heard that there is a lot to do in this town. I might just keep you updated on how that goes.

As for baseball we have just been doing some light workouts, just getting back into baseball shape and meeting all the guys. Its somewhat like an allstar team because there are five organizations all playing on one team, and top prospects from each organization. These organizations include the Minnesota Twins, Toronto Bluejays, Oakland Athletics, Colorodo Rockies and my organization The Arizona Diamondbacks. Im still in the process of remembering everybody’s name and hopefully i get it down by the end of the season. Our coaching staff includes all of these organizations as well and im pretty excited to work with all of our coaches. The season kicks off on Tuesday so lets go Dogs.